Print-Them-Yourself Playing Chips For Herowars

A while back I made myself some playing chips to experiment with when playing Herowars. I think the idea was prompted by discussions on the Forge, though frankly I forget. Given the recent discussion on the rule list about trying out poker chips, and a similar coment on the issaries web site, I thought I'd make them available in case anyone fancies making some of their own to try out.

I printed two sheets of each on coloured card (), trimed off the edges, stuck them onto either side of a stiff card () aligning them caefully against one edge so that the two sheets match up exactly, then cut them out with a craft knife and steel rule.

The result is a set of solid tokens, they dont give the pleasing clicks that hard plastic or clay chips would give but they feel OK. But they are fairly cheap to make.

Which is nice.

I chose a colour scheme of different shades of yellow for the APs, red for the hero points, blue for the hurts and green for the 'bribes'.

After a long stint as the GM i've been relagated(?) to a player for six months. So I haven't tried them out yet. So I cant offer any advice on how they work in practice. My assumprion is that I will use large index cars for each participant in a contest and stack their APs and HPs on it so everyone can see them. Then I will try to steer away from any discussion of numbers and hopefully focus on the description of events instead. We'll see.

Action point chips for use in extended contests.

Other Chips To Try Out